40 Years Later: Were The 1983 Sixers The Best Sixers Team of All Time?

1983 Sixers

With the 1983 Sixers being honored at the Wells Fargo Center this week, we have to ask the question: Were the 1983 Sixers the best Sixers team ever?

The Philadelphia 76ers have had many talented teams over the years, but one team that stands out in the minds of many fans is the 1983 squad. Led by the legendary Julius Erving, the Sixers won the NBA championship that year and compiled a regular-season record of 65-17, the best in the league.

So, were the 1983 Sixers the best team ever in Philadelphia? Let’s take a closer look at their roster, their competition, and their accomplishments to find out.

First, let’s talk about the players. The 1983 Sixers had a star-studded lineup, featuring not only Erving but also Moses Malone, who won both the regular-season and Finals MVP awards that year. They also had reliable role players like Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Toney, and Bobby Jones, who contributed to the team’s success.

Next, let’s look at their competition. The 1983 NBA season was a tough one, with many talented teams vying for the championship. The Sixers had to face tough opponents like the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, but they were able to defeat both teams and win the championship.

Finally, let’s examine their accomplishments. The 1983 Sixers had an impressive regular-season record of 65-17, the best in the league. They also had a dominant playoff run, winning 12 of their 13 games en route to the championship.

So, based on their roster, competition, and accomplishments, it’s easy to argue that the 1983 Sixers were indeed the best Sixers team ever. They had a lineup of Hall of Fame talent, beat tough competition, and won both the regular season and NBA championship.

Of course, this is all subjective, and fans may have their own opinions on which Sixers team was the best. But there’s no denying the impact that the 1983 team had on Philadelphia basketball and the lasting legacy they left behind.

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