The Philadelphia Flyers are the original Broad Street Bullies and are known for their blue collar style of hockey.

Where do the Flyers play

The Philadelphia Flyers play their home games at the Wells Fargo Center, which is located at 3601 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States. (This location is across the parking lot from where the Spectrum was located.)

Where was The Spectrum

Located at 3601 South Broad Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Pattison and Broad) The Spectrum was an indoor sports and entertainment arena located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was one of the most iconic venues in the city and hosted a variety of events throughout its history.

The Spectrum was opened in 1967 and served as the home of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). It was also used for other sporting events, including boxing matches and college basketball games.

The Spectrum was known for its distinctive roof design, which featured a series of arched, multicolored panels. The arena had a seating capacity of up to 18,000 people, depending on the event.
In 2010, the Spectrum was demolished to make way for a new retail and entertainment complex. However, the arena’s legacy lives on in the memories of the countless fans who attended events there over the years. (Xfinity Live now resides on the grounds of the old Spectrum.)

What is the Philly Flu

The term “Philly flu” is sometimes used to refer to a situation where a visiting team plays poorly in a game in Philadelphia, particularly in hockey or football, and is said to have been affected by the city’s reputation for being a tough, physical, and sometimes hostile environment for visiting teams.

Many times, star players would sit games out when visiting Philadelphia to avoid physical play and/or heckling from fans.

Who were the Broad Street Bullies

The Broad Street Bullies were a professional ice hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, who played in the National Hockey League (NHL) during the 1970s. The team was known for its aggressive, physical style of play, which often involved fighting and intimidation tactics against their opponents.

The Broad Street Bullies era began in the 1972-73 NHL season, when the Flyers won their first playoff series in franchise history. Led by coach Fred Shero and players such as Bobby Clarke, Dave Schultz, and Bernie Parent, the team went on to win two consecutive Stanley Cup championships in 1974 and 1975.

The Flyers’ style of play during this era was controversial and polarizing, with some fans and media praising their toughness and others criticizing them for their excessive violence and dirty play. The team’s aggressive tactics on the ice earned them the nickname “Broad Street Bullies,” which referred to the street where their home arena, the Spectrum, was located in Philadelphia.

Despite the controversy, the Broad Street Bullies were highly successful and helped to popularize the sport of ice hockey in Philadelphia and beyond. Many of the players from this era remain legendary figures in the history of the Flyers and the NHL, and their style of play continues to be celebrated by some fans as a hallmark of the team’s identity and culture.

Were Philadelphia Flyers in the movie This is 40

Yes. Ian Laperriere, Matt Carle, Scott Hartnell and James van Riemsdyk flew out to Los Angeles to shoot a scene in Judd Apatow’s latest movie. The Flyers players had speaking roles in the movie that currently has a working title, “This Is Forty,” starring Megan Fox, Wyatt Russell and Leslie Mann.

Who is The Philadelphia Flyers Mascot

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot is Gritty. Gritty is a large, furry, orange creature with a wide, toothy grin and googly eyes. He was introduced as the Flyers’ mascot on September 24, 2018, and has quickly become a beloved figure among fans in Philadelphia and beyond.

Since his introduction, Gritty has become a cultural phenomenon, with a large and enthusiastic fan base. He has been featured in countless memes, viral videos, and social media posts, and has even made appearances on late-night talk shows and other media outlets.

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