How Are The Phillies Doing: The First Week

How Are The Phillies Doing

Welcome to our Phillies analysis for the first 10 games of the season. Let’s talk about how are the Phillies doing.

2023 Phillies Record: 4-6

How Are The Phillies Doing: How it started

The much anticipated 2023 season did not start off like we wanted. Opening up on the road in Texas and then heading to The Bronx to face the Yankees was not going to be easy. Texas was no fun. We left Arlington 0-3 with some serious questions about Aaron Nola and (again) the bullpen. Allowing 27 runs in the first two games, and and 29 total was disheartening. The bats weren’t where we wanted them to be, and honestly, we were happy to get out of there. [Phillies 0-3]

On to NY to face the Yankees. Anytime you face a juggernaut like the Yankees it’s a tall task. At one point I realized we actually may go into the home opener on 4/6 winless. After dropping the first game, the Phillies rallied to win game two, before dropping the third game. The biggest problem for the Phillies in this season was losing Darrick Hall.

Hall planned to be our everyday first baseman after Rhys’ knee injury. Hall, who is a solid defensive player with power hurt his thumb and requires surgery. His timeline for return is not yet known. Enter the Kody Clemens and Alec Bohm platoon at 1B. [Phillies 1-5]

How Are The Phillies Doing: Bringing it to back to Broad

The much anticipated home opener on Thursday 4/6 never happened. The 3:05 start time was threatened the day before with big storms, so the game was postponed 24 hours earlier. Thursday turned out to be a non-stormy warm Spring day here in Philly, and a perfect day for baseball, but we had to wait.

On Friday the temps dropped from 80º to 50’s and was a windy chilly day for baseball. The Phillies faithful showed up and watched Zack Wheeler throw 5 good innings vs Cincinnati where we got a good win to much fanfare. Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins raised the National League pennant pre-game and it was official that baseball was back in South Philly.

The rest of the Reds series went as many Phillies series do: we won game 2 when we should have lost it, and we lost game three of the series that we should have won. IT’s baseball, it’s early and these things are going to happen through the marathon season.

For me, one of the bright spots of the season has been the return of Nick Castellanos’ bat. Nick is a Philly guy. A little rough around the edges, can be a pain in the ass to opposing teams, and he wants to have success here. So far, this season it looks like Castellanos is having fun with his teammates and the chemistry is great. [Phillies 3-6]

This brings us to The Miami Marlins series and game 10 of the season. Last night, the Phillies rocked NL Cy Young Award Winner Sandy Alcantara. The bats were on fire. Turner stayed hot. Casty stayed hot. Marsh stayed hot. And Alec Bohm got red hot. Matt Strahm had a solid out before turning it over to the bullpen for the last four innings.

Also, last night celebrated the return to Citizens Bank Park for Jean Segura. We miss you Jean, and wish you the best. [Phillies 4-6]

How are the Phillies Doing: What to watch

There are a couple of things to keep watching for the 2023 Philadelphia Phillies. Who is going to assume the everyday role at first? Topper said, it will mostly be Bohm at first with Sosa getting time at third. Short term this works, but with Alec coming so far defensively at 3B, I hate to pull his attention away. Kody Clemens is not the answer.

Who will assume middle relief roles? I mean, Andrew Bellatti can only throw so many innings in a week. We need trustworthy arms other than he and Brogdon.

Lastly, how hot can Castellanos get? When playing well, Nick is a double machine. If Nick has a Castellanos like season we are in for one fun ride. (Remember Bryce’s return to lineup is imminent.)

How are the Phillies Doing?

After the first 10 games , here is the answer to: How are the Phillies Doing? I think we are catching our stride. Losing Rhys Hoskins was a bigger blow than anyone imagined. This team as is should be ok and get some more wins once first base is figured out. CJ Cron? Wil Meyers? Hello? Let’s make this 2023 Phillies season a memorable one…see you all in 10 games.

2023 Season Series Recap
@Texas Rangers 0-3
@NY Yankees 1-2
Cincinnati Reds 2-1
Miami Marlins 1
Phillies Record: 4-6

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