Aaron Nola Re-signs With The Phillies

Aaron Nola

The Philadelphia Phillies have successfully secured a seven-year agreement with star pitcher Aaron Nola, valued at $172 million, as officially announced this past Sunday.

Aaron Nola has been a key figure in the Phillies’ pitching staff for years. In the 2023 season, he recorded a 4.46 ERA and a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 4.49 over 193 2/3 innings pitched. While these figures fall short of his usual performance, there’s optimism for improvement. The Phillies are confident in Nola’s ability to lead the rotation, despite some concerns over his recent decrease in strikeouts. Their familiarity with Nola might explain his decision to accept a lower offer to stay with the team, as reported by The Athletic’s Matt Gelb.

David Dombrowski, the Phillies’ president of baseball operations, emphasized the importance of re-signing Nola. “Securing Aaron was our primary goal this offseason,” he stated. “Our commitment to success is reinforced by having someone of his caliber on our team for the foreseeable future. Aaron is not just a top-tier pitcher; his leadership and integrity are invaluable. Retaining him is crucial for the Phillies family.”

Before the offseason, CBS Sports ranked Nola as the fifth-best free agent in the 2023-24 class. They observed an interesting pattern in his performance, with stronger showings in even years compared to odd years. Though this pattern doesn’t necessarily predict future performance, it’s a curious detail. Many experienced talent scouts preferred Nola over Blake Snell, regardless of cost, citing Nola’s consistent strike-throwing ability and minimal injury history since 2018. There’s also curiosity about how he might perform with a different defensive lineup behind him.

Nola, who has been a top 10 contender for the NL Cy Young award three times, will enter the 2024 season at 31 years old.

With Nola’s return, the Phillies are likely to lose first baseman Rhys Hoskins this winter. The team plans to position Bryce Harper at first base, leaving no room for Hoskins in the lineup. Hoskins missed the 2023 season due to an ACL tear in the spring.

We know we still have more moves to make, but re-signing Aaron Nola was the first piece of the puzzle. Now, let’s get a closer — that can close. Aaron Nola, we will see you on opening day.

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