Jason Kelce Retires: Here Are Our Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments

Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments

There’s nothing much to say other than, “Thank You, Jason.” “Thank You, Kelce Family.” And, your legend is cemented amongst Philadelphia greats.

Let’s pay homage to Jason Kelce, one of the most iconic figures in the team’s history with the Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments. His journey with the Eagles has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by incredible performances, heart, and an unwavering commitment to the team and the city of Philadelphia. In this tribute, I’ll recount the Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments that have cemented his legacy as an Eagle.

Our Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments

The Legendary Super Bowl Parade Speech in Mummers Costume (2018) • Perhaps the most iconic moment of Jason Kelce’s career with the Eagles came during the Super Bowl LII victory parade. Jason Kelce dresses in a Mummers costume, a nod to Philadelphia’s rich cultural heritage, Kelce delivered an impassioned, unforgettable speech. His words, full of emotion and raw energy, resonated deeply with Eagles fans, encapsulating the underdog spirit of both the team and the city. This moment transcended sports, etching Kelce into Philadelphia folklore.

Super Bowl LII Victory (2018) • The pinnacle of Kelce’s career with the Eagles was undoubtedly their victory in Super Bowl LII, where they defeated the New England Patriots. Kelce’s performance in the game was stellar, showcasing his skill and resilience. His role in the offensive line was crucial in securing the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win, a moment of triumph and joy for the team and its long-suffering fans

The Emotional Return from Injury (2013) • After suffering a severe knee injury in 2012, Kelce’s future in football seemed uncertain. However, his return in the 2013 season was a testament to his incredible work ethic and determination. Overcoming such a significant setback not only demonstrated his physical strength but also his mental toughness, inspiring his teammates and fans alike.

The “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care” Chant • Kelce’s embodiment of the Philadelphia spirit was never more evident than in his adoption and popularization of the chant, “No one likes us, we don’t care.” This chant became a rallying cry for the team and its fans, symbolizing their underdog status and the gritty, never-say-die attitude that Kelce personified. It’s a phrase that has since become synonymous with the Eagles, largely thanks to Kelce’s influence. (A true Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments)

Jason Kelce’s Memorable Moment at the 2022 World Series • In 2022, Jason Kelce once again captured the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans in a moment that perfectly encapsulated his love for the city and its sports culture. During the World Series, Kelce was spotted in a moment of pure Philly solidarity, embracing the beloved Phillie Phanatic. This interaction was more than just a hug between a city’s sports hero and its iconic mascot; it symbolized the unity and shared passion of Philadelphia’s sports teams and their fans.

Kelce, always one to fully immerse himself in the spirit of the moment, took the celebration a step further by chugging a beer, much to the delight of the fans around him. This act, caught on camera, went viral, showcasing Kelce’s fun-loving personality and his ability to connect with the city’s fanbase on a personal level. It wasn’t just about celebrating the Phillies’ success; it was a display of the city’s collective spirit and joy. (Out of all the Top 5 Jason Kelce Moments — this one will always be our #1)

This moment at the World Series was a testament to Kelce’s status not just as a player for the Eagles, but as a true Philadelphian. His genuine enthusiasm for the city’s sports teams and his willingness to be a part of the city’s collective moments of joy and celebration further endeared him to the hearts of Philadelphia sports fans. Kelce’s embrace of the Phillie Phanatic and his beer-chugging celebration became yet another memorable moment in his legacy, transcending the boundaries of football and highlighting his role as a unifying figure in Philadelphia sports culture.

Jason Kelce’s career with the Philadelphia Eagles has been marked by incredible highs, personal resilience, and a deep connection with the city of Philadelphia. (And of course we could expand the Top 5 Jason Kelce moments to 10 or 15.) His legacy extends beyond the football field, embodying the spirit, determination, and heart of a true Eagle. As fans, we are not just celebrating his athletic achievements but also the indomitable spirit he brought to the team and the city he represented with such pride.

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