Thank You Rhys Hoskins – We Will Miss You

Rhys Hoskins

As expected, Free Agent Rhys Hoskins signs a good with a National League Team. We will miss you Rhys.

The Milwaukee Brewers have made a significant move this offseason, signing first baseman Rhys Hoskins to a two-year, $34 million deal. This acquisition marks a new chapter for both Hoskins and the Brewers, as they aim to fortify their lineup with a powerful bat. Hoskins, who is bouncing back from a torn ACL suffered last spring training, is set to make a full return in the 2024 season.

Rhys Hoskins has been a familiar name in Major League Baseball, especially for fans of the Philadelphia Phillies. Drafted by the Phillies in the fifth round in 2014, Hoskins has spent his entire career with the team until now. At 30 years old, he boasts a career batting average of .242, an on-base percentage of .353, and a slugging percentage of .492. These numbers translate to an impressive average of 30 home runs and 80 RBIs per season, showcasing his consistent power at the plate.

The Brewers’ decision to bring Hoskins into their fold is a strategic one. Known for their cautious approach in the free-agent market, Milwaukee’s commitment of $17 million per season to Hoskins underscores the value they see in him. He joins a lineup that already features talents like Christian Yelich and William Contreras, creating a formidable heart of the order. This blend of veteran presence and power-hitting ability is expected to significantly bolster the Brewers’ offensive capabilities.

For Hoskins, this move to Milwaukee represents a fresh opportunity. He will be playing first base every day in the hitter-friendly NL Central division, a scenario that could see his numbers flourish. Additionally, the contract includes an opt-out clause after the first year, offering Hoskins flexibility. This clause allows him to re-enter the market next offseason if he performs well, while also providing the security of a second year at a substantial salary in case of injury or an underwhelming season.

The offseason had been rife with speculation about Hoskins’ potential landing spots, with many eyes on the Chicago Cubs. However, in a twist, Hoskins will now don the Brewers’ uniform, aiming to contribute to their quest to defend their division title.

As a Phillies fan, this moment is bittersweet. Rhys Hoskins has been more than just a player; he’s been a part of the Philadelphia fabric. From his impressive debut in 2017, where he hit 18 home runs in his first 34 games, to his iconic bat spike in the 2019 season, Hoskins has given us countless memorable moments. His passion for the game, coupled with his power at the plate, made every game exciting.

We watched him grow, not just as a player but as a leader in the clubhouse. His commitment to the community and his love for the game were always evident. Rhys was not just a player on the field; he was a Phillie through and through.

As Rhys Hoskins turns the page to a new chapter with the Milwaukee Brewers, we, the Phillies fans, want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Rhys Hoskins. Thank you for the home runs, the bat spike, and the sheer joy you brought to the game. You’ve left an indelible mark on our team and our city. We wish you all the best in Milwaukee and look forward to seeing you continue to excel in your career. You will always be a part of the Phillies family. Thank you, Rhys, for the unforgettable years in Philadelphia.

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