The Legacy of Bette and The Power of Triples — Bette’s Triples

Bette;s Triples

We invite you to be part of this memorable legacy. Join us in making a difference in the lives of animals with Bette’s Triples.

In the realm of baseball, the triple stands out as a pulse-pounding achievement that electrifies fans and players alike. Yet, imagine infusing this thrilling moment with a deeper purpose, transforming excitement on the field into a beacon of hope and support off it. This is the vision behind Bette’s Triples, an initiative that marries the love of the game with the spirit of giving back, championed by Section 419 and celebrated by The Phandemic Krew.

Bette’s tale is one of unwavering courage, boundless love, and a fierce battle against cancer, fought with grace and resilience not once but three times. Through each challenge, she shone with a spirit that inspired all who knew her, teaching lessons of resilience, love, and how to face life’s battles with a heart full of passion. Bette’s love affair with life, and particularly with the Phillies, was contagious. Her vibrant enthusiasm for her team became a rallying cry for others, uniting fans in joy and shared excitement even in her most challenging days.

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Beyond the ballpark, Bette’s compassion knew no bounds, especially when it came to animals. With a heart as big as the open field, she turned her home into a haven for cats and dogs, each one a testament to her nurturing soul. Though her dream of working in zoology was never realized in a zoo setting, she lived it every day through her acts of kindness and care.

Today, we honor Bette’s extraordinary journey and her indomitable spirit by rallying around a cause close to her heart: Bette’s Triples. In partnership with The Phandemic Krew, Section 419 is proud to support this initiative, which pledges $100 to the Pennsylvania SPCA for every triple hit by the Phillies. This collaboration is not just about baseball; it’s a celebration of Bette’s life, her love for the Phillies, and her compassionate legacy.

We invite you to be part of this memorable legacy. Join us in making a difference in the lives of animals in need while celebrating the spirit of a remarkable individual who lived her passion to the fullest. By supporting Bette’s Triples, you’re not just donating to a cause; you’re becoming part of a community united in love, resilience, and the joy of giving back.

Support Bette’s Triples and help us continue Bette’s legacy of love, resilience, and boundless enthusiasm for life and the game she adored. Together, let’s hit a triple for Bette, for the Phillies, and for animals in need across Pennsylvania.

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