Free Shipping on Everything

Free Shipping

Yes, you read that right — Section 419 now offers free shipping.

Now all items on Section 419 ship free. We want to bring you the best Philly Shirts at the best prices while delivering the best shopping experience — so Free Standard Shipping is here. (All orders arrive in 5-7 days post-production.)

We spoke to a lot of people and you’s said cost-effective shipping was an important factor when buying shirts for Philly teams. So, we saw your cost-effective pricing, and raised the stakes to Free.

We are fans too, and we want to do business in a manner that makes everyone happy. Section 419 will never nickel or dime you on shipping costs or other things. We want to build a better brand for the people of Philadelphia and one that people are happy to support.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2023 — so we are looking forward to seeing it through together.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING UPDATE & Details Jan, 30, 2023 — To meet all your shipping timeframes, expedited 2-3 day (post-production) shipping is now available on all products for $21.95. We are working hard to make sure you get the best product, for the best prices, in the right timeframe. To use our expedited shipping option, please select the option when checking out.

Free Standard Shipping will always be available. (Standard shipped items arrive in 5-7 days post-production.)

Production Times for all items are 2-3 days, so please factor that in when ordering from Section 419 and choosing the appropriate shipping methods.

Free Shipping on All Items

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