Dead and Co Philly — What a Night.

Dead and Co Philly

When your worlds collide in your city, you go. Dead and Co Philly — dead ass.

Bob Weir, John Mayer, Mickey, Oteil, Jeff and Jay took the city by storm last night. There’s nothing like a Dead and Co Philly show.

The band took the stage at Citizens Bank Park promptly at 7:10 pm and played until 10:45 with a 35 minute set break. (Set break note: They played Side 2 of Bruce’s Born to Run over the house PA on vinyl.)

From 1987 to date, Philadelphia has always been one of my favorite cities to see The Grateful Dead. With the long standing history of Philly and The Dead — you know we were in for a great night.

Last night’s Dead and Co Philly set was full of familiar songs, well-played, and a lot of fun. We took our seats in Section 419, and watched Bobby and John weave in and out of song. The two together have a way of making familiar songs new and fresh.

My personal highlights of the show were: Shakedown Street, Dark Star, and Cumberland Blues (out of space) and the Ripple encore.

  1. Man Smart, Woman Smarter (King Radio cover) (tour debut)
  2. Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  3. Cold Rain and Snow (Obray Ramsey cover)
  4. Jack Straw (Grateful Dead cover)
  5. Brown-Eyed Women (Grateful Dead cover)
  6. Dark Star (Grateful Dead cover) (verse 1) (>)
  7. El Paso( Marty Robbins cover) (Weir on acoustic) (tour debut)
  8. Don’t Ease Me In (Henry Thomas cover)

    Set 2:
  9. Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  10. New Speedway Boogie (Grateful Dead cover)
  11. Estimated Prophet (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  12. Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  13. Drums (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  14. Space (Grateful Dead cover) (> ‘Dark Star’ verse 2 >)
  15. Cumberland Blues( Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  16. Standing on the Moon Grateful Dead cover) (>)
  17. Not Fade Away
  18. E: Ripple

All in all the Dead and Co Philly show was a good time. It was cool to see some familiar faces from the Phillies world at the show including the great ushers and the Phandemic Krew. Now, looking towards the Phillies next home stand — Let’s get some wins.

Let’s Go Phillies

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