The Phandemic Krew: The Best Fans in Baseball

Phandemic Krew

Baseball is known for its traditions, ranging from the seventh-inning stretch to the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and singing “High Hopes” after a Phillies win. Yet, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new tradition was born here in Philadelphia: the Phandemic Krew.

This group of Philadelphia Phillies fans emerged during the 2020 baseball season when in-person attendance at sports events was widely prohibited. Undeterred, a group of die-hard Phillies fans gathered beyond the outfield walls at Citizens Bank Park to cheer for their beloved team, literally from the outside looking in. They aptly named themselves the “Phandemic Krew.”

How did the Phandemic Krew come together?

The origin of the Phandemic Krew can be traced back to two die-hard Phillies fans, Brett MacMinn and Oscar Alvarado. With the pandemic closing stadiums to fans, they sought to keep the spirit of live fandom alive, a vital part of any sport. Armed with ladders and their unwavering support for the Phillies, they congregated outside the center field gate on 10th Street. This quirky but sincere form of fandom soon attracted like-minded fans, and the Phandemic Krew was born.

What does the Phandemic Krew do?

Their commitment did not go unnoticed. The Phillies team, as well as the MLB community at large, recognized their passionate support. Their creative solution to the limitations imposed by the pandemic resonated with fans worldwide who also missed being a part of the live game experience.

While the group’s primary goal is supporting the Phillies, they have also leveraged their visibility for philanthropic causes. The Phandemic Krew has hosted several charity events and fundraisers, contributing to their local Philadelphia community. This philanthropic element further cements the group’s place in the hearts of Phillies fans.

Despite the lifting of pandemic restrictions and fans’ return to the stadium, the Phandemic Krew continues to be a unique and essential part of the Phillies fandom. They bring their own twist to the traditional baseball game day, keeping the spirit of the Krew alive beyond the pandemic. They can be found in section 301, yes the outfield triangle section in the mid-level of Citizens Bank Park.

The Phandemic Krew is more than just a fan group. They are a symbol of resilience, innovation, and undying love for the sport and their team. Through their efforts, they’ve created a unique narrative for the Philadelphia Phillies and baseball fans worldwide, demonstrating that fandom can thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. They are a testament to the saying, “The game goes on,” reminding us all of the power of sport to bring people together, even when we are apart.

Introducing Phandemic Brew Tailgate Lager

Yes, that’s right…The Phandemic Krew have their own beer, Phandemic Brew Tailgate Lager. Brewed at local brewery, Red White & Brew in Audubon, NJ, this beer is perfect to be enjoyed (responsibly) during the Dog Days of Summer watching the Phillies. It’s a great beer and it also has been known to start a Phillies rally or two.

I went to the Phandemic Brew release party at Donkey’s Place in Camden and met up with the Krew before heading out the the 1:00 Phillies vs. Braves game.

The Phandemic Krew is bunch of extraordinary Phillies fans that individually would be rooting their Phils on. But together, they have banned together in the brotherhood of baseball and have a lot of fun together. I can’t wait to visit Section 301 again next week.

Root Root Root For The Phillies…

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