Did Trea Turner Turn The Corner For The Best?

Trea Turner

It’s the dog days of the Summer and we took a couple of weeks off, but we need to revisit the Trea Turner situation. Or at least the ending — Is Trea Turner back?

Philly fans are known for their tough, unforgiving nature. However, Trea Turner, currently playing his first season with the Philadelphia Phillies, has found himself on the receiving end of an outpouring of support from the city, despite his lackluster performance. Even in his current slump, the fans have been offering him standing ovations each time he comes to bat—an uncommon sight for underperforming superstars.

In gratitude for this unusual support, the 30-year-old shortstop has taken out billboards across Philadelphia expressing his thanks to the dedicated Phillies fans, which has further endeared him to them. Turner also returned the standing ovations with a game-winning home run and a bat that is heating up.

Turner, a significant free-agent signing in the off-season after the Phillies’ remarkable World Series run in 2022, has not quite lived up to his $300 million, 11-year contract yet. His performance thus far has been less than stellar, with a batting average of .238/.291/.377, 11 home runs, and 39 RBI across 109 games. This marks his lowest batting average since his 2015 stint with the Washington Nationals.

However, the unyielding faith of the Philadelphia fans remains strong. They never fail to shower him with appreciation each time he manages a success, like when he scored a three-run homer against the Kansas City Royals on a recent Saturday night.

While Turner’s performance on the field might be wanting, his first season with the Phillies shows promising signs of a burgeoning bond between him and the fan base that could yield meaningful results in the future.

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