What Songs Play After The Phillies Win

What Songs Play After The Phillies Win

Nothing better than a Phillies win and the fans singing. But, What Songs Play After The Phillies Win? Here are the answers.

So, you’re asking, “What Song Plays After The Phillies Win?” Well, we’ve got not one, but two knockout anthems that ring through Citizens Bank Park every time our boys pull off a win. These tunes are like a high-five to the ears, my friend – pure, Philly-style euphoria!

First up, it’s the one and only Harry Kalas belting out “High Hopes”. Originally a Sinatra classic, it’s now our victory anthem, made all the better by the golden voice of our beloved Kalas. The legendary Phillies’ broadcaster turned it into a tune that screams optimism and tenacity – just like our Fightin’ Phils! It’s more than just a song – it’s the echo of Harry himself and a reminder of the history he has etched in our beloved game.

Alongside “High Hopes“, we’ve got Burnett’s “Going Back To Philadelphia“. This song? Oh, it’s all heart. It’s about coming home, about the thrill of returning to our amazing City of Brotherly Love after a hard-fought win. Every time it plays, it’s like a group hug with the city and the team we love. It’s our own Philly love song, a testament to our city, our team, and the unbreakable bond between us.

When the Phillies score a win, these two songs hit the air and it’s like fireworks going off. “High Hopes” and “Going Back To Philadelphia” are the soundtrack to our victories, the musical embodiment of our team’s never-say-die spirit, and the rhythm of our city’s heart.

Listen to “Back To Philadelphia” by Bobby Burnett

These victory songs are more than just tunes to fill the silence – they’re our tradition, our celebration, our Philly pride. They’re the perfect cap to the thrill of victory, wrapping up every win in the perfect musical package. So, the next time you’re asked, “What Song Plays After The Phillies Win?”, you’ll know the answer is a double whammy of Philly pride!

So, here’s to the next time The Phillies celebrate big wins. When you hear “High Hopes” and “Going Back To Philadelphia“, remember it’s not just about the music – it’s about us, our city, our team, and the game we all love. Now you know, What Songs Play After The Phillies Win maybe also known as a Philadelphia Phillies victory song, you can learn them and sing with us! Go Phillies!

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