2023 Phillies Schedule

Phillies Opening Day

The 2023 Phillies Schedule was released and we can’t wait for the new season to begin.

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This season starts off on the road in Texas, and then in The Bronx against the Yankees. (I am not a fan of Interleague play to kick off the season, but I guess it’s better to get these games out of the way vs. later in the season when the wins and losses really matter.

Our home opener is slated against the Reds on April 6th. The other notable date in this series is the Sunday game, April 9th — where the Phillies receive their NL Championship Rings. (It’s not a World Series Ring, but it’s more than we expected out of last year.

The 2023 Phillies Schedule does not have any NL East games scheduled until we meet The Braves in late May. I like the fact that we can gain some momentum and the get the team rolling before a division series.

This sets up for 21 of the last 24 games in September against division rivals. From a winter’s glance the 2023 Phillies schedule looks tougher than the previous season.

After the 2022 campaign, this season starts with the highest of hopes. Let’s get this thing rolling and play deep into the Fall (again.)

To view the full Phillies Schedule go to MLB.com/Phillies/Schedule — See you at the park.

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