Phillies Free Agents (and Moves)

Phillies Free Agents

As expected, Phillies Free Agents are on the move and Dave added a couple of gems to the roster.

Let’s start with Phillies Free Agents who are not coming back. Zach Eflin, Noah Syndergaard, Kyle Gibson, David Robertson, Brad Hand, Corey Knebel, Johan Camargo and Chris Devenski hit the free agent market. As of this article here’s where we are so far:

Noah Syndergaard – LA Dodgers
Kyle Gibson – Baltimore
David Robertson – Boston
Zach Eflin – Tampa Bay

The Phillies declined an offer for jean Segura, who will be missed from the 2022 team. (In the scheme of The Team’s plans this move makes sense.) We also official lose Didi and Odubel.

So far all moves make sense, and other than being bummed about Segura all moves seem logical.

Phillies Free Agents Added

Trea Turner – Taijuan Walker – Matt Strahm

Now to the positives and yet again we made some news in with new Phillies Free Agents.

Trea Turner

In a deep class of Shortstops that included Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson, we got our guy — Trea Turner. Mentioned to be one of Bryce’s best friends and favorite players, Turner will fit in perfectly with this clubhouse. Solid defensively. Good contact hitter. Great speed. And solves our lead off hitter problem. This signing moves Stott to the other side of the infield, which is why declining Segura’s contract makes sense. This is a A+ signing.

Matt Strahm

We didn’t know much about Strahm. But after some research, Strahm is a perfect mid-inning lefty that can easily replace the loss of Brad Hand in spades. With how this rotation sets up and how Philly Rob manages his staff, I know he will get a lot of appearances, and we will learn more about Strahm. (Plus, he has hair to rival Brad Marsh.) B- signing.

Taijuan Walker

In an off season where Rodon and Verlander were a couple of the big name pitchers available — this signing was a pleasant surprise. Walker is a stud. This is a signing Dombrowsky snuck under The Mets radar as they chased Verlander, Nimmo, Diaz and eventually Correa.

Taijuan Walker slots perfectly as our number three or four starter behind Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola, or Ranger. He’s seems to be a good clubhouse guy that really wants to be in South Philly. To me, just because he’s not a number one arm this is a B signing that I like a lot.

Phillies Free Agents Conclusion

I think these three signings send a clear message to the rest of the National League and MLB that the Phillies are for real and looking to stay at the top. Dave Dombrowsky, Phillies GM, played it cool and in a leagues of competitive spenders we did not overpay for any one part and held tight to market value. The people here at Section 419 like these moves and are looking for one more to round things out. Let’s Go Phillies!

Other Quick Potential Phillies Free Agents

The Phillies have two players entering their final year of salary arbitration in Rhys Hoskins and Jose Alvarado. Hoskins made $7.7 million in 2022 and Alvarado made $1.75 million. Both would be due raise if re-signed past this season. These two are keys to our success and if lost we need to improve at both positions.

Let’s see what else Dave has up his sleeve. Something tells me he’s not done yet and we need a solid closer to work in tandem with Seranthony Dominguez and Alvarado. Either way, the 2023 Phillies Season is going to be another good one.

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